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Gravity Well [PLAZA]

Gravity Well [PLAZA]

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İndirme Türü : Torrent
Platform : PC
Sürüm : PLAZA
Crack : Mevcut
Boyut : 2.79 GB
Bilgi : DirectX 11 uyumlu ekran kartı gerektirmektedir.

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Gravity Well torrent indir

Gravity Well full indir

Gravity Well indir

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Putting the power of gravity in the player’s hands, Gravity Well takes inspiration from the beloved puzzle/platformer genre to bring forth those elements alongside the ability to use the concept of the power of gravity to solve puzzles.

In Gravity Well, the player will have to utilize their wits as well the power of the prototype device, the “Gravity Well” or “G-W” for short, to solve puzzles and to complete their mission of acquiring two high value objects from a derelict space research station. Gravity Well features no direct combat, and instead focuses on the player’s ability analyze and observe their surroundings and then find the solution to progress forward to unlock more of the station. Gravity Well’s main gameplay will feature running, jumping, ducking, firing the Gravity Well to produce object manipulating singularities, as well as learning when to time their actions to progress, all to provide the player an enjoyable first-person, puzzle platformer experience.

They’ll unlock upgrades that will add to the abilities of the device, as well as uncover a story revolved around the device itself and the power it represents, but the core focus of the game will lie in solving the game’s puzzle rooms, all the way to the very end.

Gravity Well minimum sistem gereksinimleri

Gravity Well Minimum Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi : Windows 10
İşlemci : Intel Processor 5th Gen or later
Bellek : 4 GB
Ekran Kartı : Modern graphics card with at least 2GB of dedicated memory
DirectX : Version 11
Boş Alan : 8 GB

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Gravity Well torrent indir

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